Image of 2 men looking at a screen with someone presenting the weather

Our values

To help us achieve our aim ‘to be the global partner of choice for weather and climate services’, we have a set of values.

These values are at the heart of the Met Office and help us to create the culture we need to achieve our vision. They inform how we work, our behaviours, how we engage with our customers and how we recruit talented people to help us achieve our aims for the future.

Visionary – we are innovative, forward looking and see the wider picture. We challenge the status quo when it’s not effective and we constantly seek improvement.

Drive – we deliver ‘on time in full’, are focused and concentrate on getting results. We are a proactive, adaptable, motivated and enthusiastic workforce.

United – we are joined up, collaborative and work as a team to achieve our goals. We value synergy and supportiveness and show mutual understanding to colleagues and customers.

Integrity – we are honest, respectful and accountable in everything we do. We value fairness, robustness and reliability.

Clear – we express ourselves by communicating clearly to ensure understanding.

Inspiring – we behave in an inspiring manner, engaging others to make things happen.